Teachers Get Trained to Handle Parents

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A piece of chalk on a school chalkboard trayJust as they do here in the States, teachers in Japan have to continually further their education with courses, seminars, and such. In Japan, however, teachers have the option of taking a course that teaches them, among other things, how to deal with "monster parents" -- overbearing, pushy, even threatening parents.

Being married to a teacher, I heard some horror stories about parents -- including one mother who showed up with six other people at her side for what she thought was going to be a difficult parent-teacher conference and another couple literally tugging on opposite arms of their daughter in the parking lot in one chapter of their bitter custody fight.

Most parents, I think, are rational, supportive partners in the educational process, but every once in a while you get a parent who is over the top and I'm glad that, in Japan, at least, teachers are learning how to deal with them.


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