Girls More Tech-Savvy Than Boys

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girl at laptopMoms are the most tech-savvy people in the family, and more than 94 percent of girls have used a laptop or computer, compared to 88 percent of boys, according to a new British survey.

The poll included more than 4,000 children ages six to 14 and aimed to assess how parents support their children when it comes to learning new technologies. Conducted by the University of Hertfordshire, the Learning in the Family report shows that girls definitely have the edge when it comes to new technologies.

And when they want to learn about the latest and greatest in the tech world, 50 percent of kids surveyed said they call for mom. Only 22 percent said that dad was the go-to gadget guy.

One of the survey's creators said the results make it clear that "mothers are taking the lead." Overall, moms are more likely to work with their kids using new technologies, especially when it comes to "formal learning or research," while dads like to get in the mix when the technologies at hand involve "fun and hobbies." Moms are also perceived as more capable and savvy when it comes to all things technology.

Another interesting facet of the results is that 40 percent of kids said they want more parental involvement.

Did you hear that? Kids want you to be more involved in their experiences with technology! When was the last time you heard your kids asking for more mom-and-me time? So stop fretting about what they're doing online and offer your expertise, moms. Maybe all that time spent on Facebook isn't a bad thing after all.

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