Obama Baby Boom on the Horizon?

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For some of us, the election of Barack Obama heralds the start of a new and better era, and his inauguration was symbolic of that new beginning. So what better way to celebrate than to get down and get funky? One commentator out of the U.K. believes that a lot of people on this side of the pond will feel that way -- enough to fuel a presidential baby boom.

Barack Baby Boom

    This picture taken on January 21, 2009 shows a Kenyan baby named Barack Obama in the arms of his mother, Caroline Akinyi. The child was born shortly after the inauguration of the new US president. "I hope that one day he too will become a great leader if not like the US president," said the mother.

    Simon Maina, AFP / Getty Images

    Kenyan mothers Linda Omondi with baby Michelle Obama (left) and Caroline Akinyi with baby Barack Obama carry their newborns on January 21, 2009 in Kisumu City, a western lakeside town about an hour drive from the village where the president's father was born. They were born moments after the inauguration.

    Simon Maina, AFP / Getty Images

    This picture taken on January 21, 2009 shows a Kenyan baby Michelle Obama, named after US new First Lady, in the arms of his mother Linda Omondi, born shortly after the inauguration of Barack Obama "I hope that one day he too will become a great leader if not like the US president," said the mother.

    Simon Maina, AFP / Getty Images

    Irene Anyango, 24, with her one-day-old daughter Michelle Obama Anyango at Marie Stopes maternity hospital in Kisumu, Kenya. Anyango named her baby, born January 20, 2009, after the new U.S. first lady.

    Riccardo Gangale, AP

    Carolyne Aknyi Otieno, 20, with her day old baby at Provincial Hospital in Kisumu, Kenya, photographed January 21, 2009. Otieno named her baby "Senator Barack Obama Otieno" to celebrate the U.S. inauguration.

    Riccardo Gangale, AP

    Lilian Osano holds her newborn son, Barrack Jeremy Obama, at New Nyanza Provinvincial Hospital in Kisumu, in November 2008. Mothers in Kenya have marked Barack Obama's historic win in the U.S. presidential elections by naming their newborns after him and his wife. More than half of the babies born in a Kisumu Hospital on the day after the election were named either Barack or Michelle Obama.


    Claudia Scoica, 24, a Romanian Gypsy woman holds her son Obama Sorin Ilie Scoica, in Rusciori, Romania, Nov. 2008. Romania's downtrodden Gypsies - once enslaved, like African-Americans, yet still struggling to overcome deep-seated prejudice - seem particularly inspired by the new U.S. president.


"Consider that the mood sweeping America," writes Graham Smith in the Daily Mail, "is a potent combination of hope and optimism for the future and you have an almost certain increase in pregnancies." Makes sense.President and Mrs. Obama

Further fueling the speculation is the fact that the under-thirty (and overly-fertile) crowd voted two-to-one for Obama. Smith also notes that Obama himself was born a little more than nine months after John F. Kennedy was elected. He is one of that slim generation called the Kennedy Kids, sandwiched between the Baby Boomers and Gen X.

I can't speak for the rest of country, but you won't be seeing any additional kids showing up around my house next fall; three's enough for us. Still, I can certainly understand that our new president may very well put a lot of people in the mood for love.

What about you? Is the new temperature of the country heating up your libido?

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