Toddler's Accidental 911 Call Leads to Dad's Arrest

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telephoneYou probably know at least one parent who has a funny story to tell about their child playing with the telephone. Usually the story involves a little one practicing their budding telephone skills by pushing some random numbers and dialing a complete stranger. You might even have heard about a kid who somehow put the numbers 9-1-1 together and ended up babbling to an emergency operator. That, of course, is a big no-no. And for this British Columbia man, it wasn't funny at all.

His 11-month-old son was messing around with a cordless phone and managed to push the magic numbers that connected him to a 9-1-1 operator. Dad was unaware of his son's activities and was understandably surprised when police officers arrived at his home. He insisted that nobody in his home had called, but when the police spied the toddler with a phone in his hand, they knew they had the right place.

Although it was clear the emergency call was a mistake, the officers decided to have a look around anyway. In doing so they discovered a rather large marijuana-growing enterprise on the premises and promptly arrested the clueless dad.

The child was taken from the home by Ministry of Children and Family Development and later released to his mother, who doesn't live in the home and claims to have had no idea what her baby's daddy was up to. Meanwhile, dad has been charged with production of a controlled substance and mischief. Mischief? I think that dad would argue that he was not the one being mischievous here.

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