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Chinese dragonMonday is the first day of the Chinese New Year (this year is the Year of the Ox). Get your kids in the spirit with these cute DIY lanterns. -- AlphaMom

How is Alyson Hannigan staying fit during her first pregnancy? By doing Pilates, of course. -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Sure, winter makes all feel like we want to hunker down with a big bowl of comfort food, so here are some healthier winter treats for you and your kids.-- LilSugar

How does a three-year-old learn to light a cigarette? In this case, from his mom, who lets him smoke. - MomLogic

We want our kids to be independent, but when the time comes to let them test their skills ... how do we let go? One mom shares her story. -- Mommy Track'd

The American Family Association continutes their attacks on Campbell's soup by asking schools to stop collecting soup labels. Are they taking their fight too far? Share your thoughts with us. -- Offsprung

So you and your former partner are raising a child. Who gets to decide what, if any, religion the child is raised in? -- Work it, Mom!

Ever wonder how much your baby or toddler will remember? More than you think. Read more about "childhood amnesia" and how memory affects a child as they grow. -- Babble


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