Teddy Bear Rescue

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a lonely teddy bear sitting in the roadHow far would you go to rescue your child's beloved stuffed teddy bear? Would you climb down the side of a hill in the rain? Two parents in Southern California had to answer that very question recently and found that, while their hearts were in the right place, their climbing skills were not up to the task.

The couple's ten-year-old son, Soski, threw his teddy bear during a tantrum and it went over the guardrail and down the hill. His mother then went after it. "I threw my teddy bear, and then my mom went down to get it, but then she slipped," the boy explained. So his dad climbed down to help his wife -- only he got stuck too.

"We could not climb up because it was very slippery," said the father. They were also worried about the boy who was left at the top by himself. The boy ran to a nearby house and called 9-1-1; firefighters arrived and recovered both parents safely and without injury.

It seems to me this story contains equal parts stupidity and sweetness. It's wonderful that the parents were willing to risk their lives to retrieve the boy's bear, but it was also pretty dumb. Of course the article omits the most critical piece of information -- did they get the bear?

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