Family Sells Everything on eBay to Pay Medical Bills

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sale signA Georgia family placed all their worldly goods up for auction on eBay after medical bills for their two sons drained their finances. Gregg and Brittiny Peters have three children, two of whom have severe medical issues: one has Stills Disease, an autoimmune disorder, and the other suffers from autism.

The Peters' had an agreement that they would sell everything they owned rather than give up their sons'' treatment and therapy. Gregg, who is self-employed, had been making ends meet, but the kids' medical issues combined with the economy combined to make that impossible.

So, they made good on their pact. According to the family's website,, they are willing to part with all their stuff -- except their house and the kids -- and all of their belongings are up for bulk auction on eBay, for $21,000, 10 percent of which they plan to donate to Stills Disease and autism research.

It takes real guts to sell off every single thing you've worked for over the course of your life. But desperate times call for desperate measures, don't they? The good news is that the Peters family has garnered some pretty decent publicity since they launched their auction, and donations are pouring in.

We tell our kids a lot that stuff doesn't matter -- that what matters most is that we are a family, and that we'll always be together. The Peters family is living up to that ideal.

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