Teen Impersonates Cop

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police carsA 14-year-old boy donned a police uniform, walked into a Chicago police station, and spent five hours patrolling the city for bad guys before fellow officers figured out that he was an impostor.

The boy, who was arrested Saturday on charges of impersonating a police officer, walked into the Grand Crossing District wearing a Chicago police uniform, complete with a holster and a newspaper stuffed under his shirt so it would look like he had a bullet-proof vest. He told staffers that he was an officer from another district assigned to Cottage Grove for a day, signed out a radio and a ticket book, and then proceeded to partner with another police officer for five hours.

According to The Chicago Tribune, police officials claim the teen did not interact with the public, despite the fact that he did accompany an actual police officer on traffic stops. They also said it does not appear that the boy ever took the wheel of the cop car.

Finally, a ranking officer became suspicious of the boy, noting that he was missing a police star, and the jig, as they say, was up. Apparently, the kid is a former "police explorer," and participated in a program that allows youths to learn from Chicago police officers.

The boy has been charged as a juvenile and Internal Affairs is investigating the incident.

The phrase "Keystone Kops" seems to apply here. How can we trust the police to suss out the bad guys when they can't even figure out that a teenager is hanging with them in the patrol car? I would not want to be the dude who let him ride shotgun for five hours. I'm guessing that guy is headed back to a desk job.

This is a kid with a promising career in law enforcement -- or, with those acting skills, perhaps the silver screen is in his future.


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