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caylee anthony tribute dollThe story of Caylee Anthony, the little girl who was most likely murdered by her own mother, continues to stir strong emotions in many of us. My mother can't talk about what happened to her without crying and I find it difficult to even look at her photo. You know the photo -- cheek resting on her little hand, gazing sweetly up at something off camera. It's heartbreaking.

I know my mother and I are not the only ones moved by Caylee's story, but one man has been moved in a way that many will find disturbing and just plain wrong. Jaime Salcedo is the president of Showbiz Promotions, a company that specializes in the "creation of products directly from the headlines." Along with his (Michael) Vick dog chew toys and Sarah Palin boxing shorts, he is now offering the Inspirational Caylee Sunshine Doll.

The first of his company's products to be inspired by a crime victim, the doll sells for $29.99 and is intended to be a tribute to the slain girl. As proof of his good intentions, he says he plans to donate some of the proceeds from the doll to charity. Just which charity and how much is still up in the air as he hasn't actually made any arrangements for that.

The 18" doll, dressed in jeans and a Caylee Sunshine-logo t-shirt, looks nothing like the brown-haired girl we've all seen in the photos. This, according to Salcedo, is intentional. A doll that looks like the murdered child would be too morbid. A doll that bears her name and plays "You Are My Sunshine" when you press her belly is not.

What do you think?

Is a Caylee Anthony doll an appropriate tribute?
Yes. Anything that brings awareness to this crime is a good thing.53 (12.3%)
No. It's just another huckster trying to profit from a tragedy.377 (87.7%)

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