Kinda Sutra - What's Your Version of "The Talk?"

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When it comes to sex ed, we're using the honest-but-age-appropriate method of answering our kids' questions. The idea is that our kids will have had several versions of "the talk" by the time they reach puberty, with the hope that they'll be armed with enough information to make good choices for themselves.

In reality, right now, at least, it means my three-year-old is known to burst out with cringe-worthy gems like, "I have eggs in my ovaries!" at all the wrong moments.

But parents weren't always so honest with their kids about the birds and the bees. Moms and dads have, and still do, create intricate stories about baby-making that have little to do with the actual event. Or, they just don't say anything at all, leaving kids and their endless imaginations to try and put it all together.

From this phenomenon comes "Kinda Sutra," directed by Jessica Yu. Adults share hilarious stories about their youthful attempts to figure out where babies come from, and then modern kids tell it ... basically ... how it really is.

One brave soul muses that his childhood wouldn't have been so carefree if he knew the real truth, which leaves me to wonder: Are we doing our kids any favors by spilling it while they're still so young? What do you think?

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What's your preferred method of "the talk?"
Honesty is the best policy.168 (68.9%)
Silence is golden.21 (8.6%)
Whatever happened to the stork?27 (11.1%)
Let their imaginations run wild.28 (11.5%)

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