Cursive Writing a Thing of the Past?

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kid writingEver since she learned to hold a pencil, Ellie has been fascinated by cursive writing. She loves the loops and curves of script writing and works hard at perfecting the art. In the past, all of this writing practice has been done at home because it was not on the curriculum at school. But now that she is in the last half of second grade, cursive writing is finally being taught in the classroom.

While most schools in the United States do teach cursive writing, when and how much varies by district. And some teachers say that they are spending less time on it and that the emphasis of the instruction has changed from making it pretty to making it efficient.

"Historically, we teach less cursive now," says third-grade teacher Michelle Webb. "It seems we have more and more standards we need to cover. The emphasis is on science and reading."

Not only is the school curriculum jam-packed with other subjects, the advent of technology has made writing things by hand less necessary. Other than a grocery list or the occasional envelope, I rarely pick up a pen. As a result, my once-beautiful handwriting has devolved into something akin to chicken scratches.

I was always taught that good penmanship was important and that messy handwriting said something about a person. I guess these days all it says is that kids have more important things to do with their time.

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