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woman with magazineGot a subscription to Wondertime, the feel-good magazine for parents of kids under 6? Enjoy your next issue, because it'll be the last. Disney shut down the magazine this week, citing -- what else? -- tough economic times.

Wondertime was the only parenting magazine I've ever subscribed to. I tried it out, because I loved Catherine Newman's Ben & Birdy column on BabyCenter and wanted to keep reading when she moved to Wondertime. With a great mix of published authors (Jacqueline Michard, for one) and a wide range of contributing parenting bloggers, the magazine was fresh and different from your usual parenting fare.

So I'm sorry to see it go, truly. Word is that their website will still be maintained, but I'll sure miss seeing it in my mailbox.

What's your favorite parenting magazine?
Wondertime.47 (51.6%)
Parenting8 (8.8%)
Parents14 (15.4%)
American Baby2 (2.2%)
Cookie5 (5.5%)
Mothering11 (12.1%)
Other -- Share with us in comments.4 (4.4%)

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