Gillian Anderson Applauds Working Moms

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Gillian AndersonBeing a working mom is hard. Gillian Anderson should know -- the well-known actress of television's X-Files is also mother of two (and is expecting a third). Anderson admits to using help with the kids to manage it all, and says she would struggle to raise her children without such assistance.

Anderson is thankful her work as an actress allows her to afford a nanny for her three children, Piper, 14, Oscar, 2, and baby Felix. In a recent post at her website, Anderson wrote, "You know, one of the things I am the most amazed at in life is women who raise children without help. Yes some people are more built for it than others, higher levels of the patience hormone, but hell it is HARD! And how the hell do you clean the house and make the dinner and do the shopping? I know I am sounding like a complete idiot here but I'm telling you, every last one of you from the beginning of time should be given a medal, and free health insurance, and food coupons, and a government subsidized housekeeper that comes in one day a week per child."

While I doubt we'll see anything like that from the U.S. or British governments, it is nice to know that even famous moms like Anderson face the same struggles as the rest of us. Of course, not everyone can afford a nanny or other childcare, but Gillian seems genuinely thankful she can afford such help.

What about you -- do you have help with the kids or the housework?

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