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Liz LangAre you spending too much time with your spouse or partner? Be careful, you just might start to look alike. Check out the mom and dad with matching t-shirts and baby sling. I bet they didn't even plan that! -- Lemondrop

No snow or sleet or rain or hail will stop the mail, but a lagging economy might. The U.S. Postal Service is considering dropping Saturday deliveries. -- MomLogic

Having a baby often means buying a bigger car. If you're in the market for your first new or family model, here are some tips to read before you go shopping. -- AlphaMom

Admit it ... most of us use the TV as a babysitter at least once in a while. But what happens when it goes too far? One mom fights an Elmo addiction. -- Babble

Confessions of a Shopaholic star Isla Fisher used to put it all out there, but motherhood has changed all that. Calling some topics "off limits," Fisher says, "It can be tough because motherhood is one of my most favorite things ever." -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Piecing together a stylish, economical maternity wardrobe is a lot easier now thanks to Liz Lange. Get some great tips on how to dress that growing belly from Lange in this recent interview. -- LilSugar

She may sing back-up for Miley Cyrus, but Letters to Cleo lead singer Kay Hanley is also an experienced mom of two. Read more about her and her kids Zoe Mabel, 9, and Henry, 6. -- Mommy Track'd

Tired of your kids begging you for stuff they don't need? Visit PBS's "Don't Buy It," where they can learn the ins and outs of advertising and learn to make a better informed decision about the things they pester you for. -- The Motherhood

New motherhood is tough. So why is the United States the only industrialized country with out guaranteed maternity leave or job protection? Good question. -- Work It, Mom!


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