Playground Slide So Dangerous It Has a Security Guard

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girl on slideThere are many adults who believe that today's kids are being ruined by a society striving to protect them from every conceivable danger. In the name of safety, schools have banned tag, cartwheels, and butter knives. Parents hover over their children like helicopters, ready to intervene at the first sign of a potential boo-boo. Because so much of what passes for protection seems to be veering into the territory of nonsense, I was a little skeptical when I read about a playground slide that is so dangerous it needs a twenty-four hour security guard.

But then I got a look at the slide in question. It is the mother of all playground slides, so tall and fast that several children have been seriously injured playing on it. The children who suffered injuries were all under 4 feet tall, so the developer of the neighborhood where the playground is located decided to impose a minimum height requirement for the slide.

Of course, with nobody around to enforce that rule, what's to prevent a small but brave kid from giving it a go? That's where the security guard comes in.

Day and night, a guard watches over the slide, ostensibly to make sure kids who ride the slide are tall enough. But little kids reportedly continue to use the slide -- despite the presence of the guard.

I found myself wondering why a developer would even install a slide so dangerous. While the builder did make sure the equipment complied with standards, they don't address lengths and gradient ratios. In other words, this really tall, really steep slide probably belongs in a fully-staffed amusement park.

It definitely looks like fun, but would you allow your children on this slide -- even with a guard?

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