Pole Dancing Classes for High Schoolers?

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pole dancerMaybe it's just me, but when I think of pole dancing, I think of strippers. But when administrators at South Devon College in the UK think of pole dancing, they think of fitness. Well, at least they did until the student body got all excited after witnessing a school demonstration performed by a "busty brunette."

The pole dancing show was part of the school's Be Healthy Week activities and was performed by Sam Remmer, a dancer at The Art of Dance. Her first demonstration was held in a public area of the school and enjoyed by students ranging in age from 14 to 19 as well as anyone else who happened by. When she returned a few days later for a second demonstration, she was asked to move her show into the more private sports hall.

It seems there had been some complaints that her performance had been a little disruptive to the learning process. "I was told pupils were distracted from their afternoon lessons because they were swapping pictures and videos," she said.

While school officials deny there were any "official" complaints, they have asked Remmer to remove from YouTube the videos she posted of the demonstration. She has refused, insisting that she performed for free with the stipulation that she could post videos of the event for advertising purposes.

Remmer insists that there is nothing inappropriate in what she does and that education is the key to combating the negative stereotyping that plagues the art of pole dancing. I think if she wants to give pole dancing a better name, she should consider dropping the word 'dance' from the name. It may sound like semantics, but if you watch the video you will see that what she is doing has very little resemblance to dancing. And it looks really, really difficult.

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