Sasha and Malia at Home in the White House

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Michelle, Malia, Sasha ObamaMoving is never easy. Leaving behind friends and all that is familiar to start over in a new environment is difficult enough for an adult, but for a child the experience can be downright overwhelming. When everything is new, from school to home to friends, sometimes the best thing to do is hang on to what is old. For Sasha and Malia Obama, what is old is mom's rules.

Despite worldwide attention and celebrity status, 7-year-old Sasha and 10-year-old Malia aren't living all that differently in the White House than they did back in Chicago. First Lady Michelle Obama insists that her girls keep to their old routines, including going to bed early and eating healthy. And just because they have staff now doesn't mean they don't have chores. They still make their own beds and pour their own milk in the mornings.

Also softening the blow of leaving Chicago are the toys they brought from home and the live-in presence of Grandma Robinson, Michelle's mother. Having grandma around is not just good for the kids, it's good for mom, too. "Marian and Michelle have an extremely close relationship," said friend Yvonne Davila.
But life in the White House isn't all chores and rules for Sasha and Malia. The perks are amazing the the girls are definitely enjoying them. They spend their free time exploring their new home's secret passageways, meeting the Jonas Brothers and getting bedroom makeovers from a professional interior decorator.

As for Michelle Obama, she's settling right in to her role as First Lady and recently held her very first official White House reception. Appropriately enough, the theme was work and family balance and the guest of honor was Lilly Ledbetter. Ledbetter is responsible for instigating a court case that resulted in an equal-pay law signed by President Obama yesterday.

"Michelle is like, 'Let's have a day at the White House for single moms, military moms, all the working moms who want to chill,' " said Kim Lightford, a family friend. "She's about letting them know it's OK to balance work and family."

While Michelle Obama is clearly getting off to a great start in balancing her role as First Lady and the needs of her children, a little advice never hurt anyone. In your experience, what else can a parent do to help kids adjust to a major move?

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