Would You Switch Careers Mid-life With Kids?

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Joaquin PhoenixWhat the heck is going on with Joaquin Phoenix? I love a man who follows his own heart, but the Oscar-nominated star of Walk the Line has "retired" from acting to start a career as a hip-hop artist. Yes, hip-hop. Or so he would have us believe. While I am hoping all of this is some sort of hoax, as many have recently speculated, or practice for an upcoming role, it would seem that mid-life, the younger Phoenix brother has decided to switch careers.

And, why not? After all, he has all the money he'd ever need. Plus, he's not married, nor does he have any children (that we know about) so what is to stop Joaquin from living out his dream? After all, whether he succeeds or fails, he will at least have tried.

I've often thought to myself how great it would be to just pack up and run off to New Orleans for a few years, try to make it as a writer and live out my personal dream. When I was younger, that seemed like a real possibility. Now, though, I'm married with two kids and I have a mortgage to pay. In other words, I have responsibilities. I can't just drop everything and do whatever I want, whenever I want.

Ah, such is the life of a celebrity. I would caution Mr. Phoenix, however; Michael Jordan may have been one of the greatest athletes of all time, but he was no baseball player. And while Joaquin may be one of the finest living actors I am not sure he will fare as well in the music world.

We regular folk will have to settle for fantasy -- dreams cost time and money that we mostly don't have. Plus, what if we aren't triumphant in our new career? Still, many people are willing to take the risk in case it pays off. Sometimes a little risk is what it takes to ensure success. After all, if we're happy in our work, won't our families be happy too?

Would you be inclined to start over mid-life, or at any time, if you had a family? Have you taken such a risk, and, if so, was the risk worth it?

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