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Adam SandlerYou loaned out your whole maternity wardrobe, but now you're pregnant again. What's the etiquette on asking for maternity hand-me-downs back -- perfectly acceptable or bordering on rude? -- AlphaMom

Chocolate shirts? Jeans made out of Easter eggs? When kids offer fashion advice, you never really know what they might say next. My money's on the rubber blue jeans. -- Babble

Concerned that your 12-month-old isn't walking yet? Know when to worry by learning more about the top 10 red flags of motor delays. -- BabyCenter

Bedtime Stories star Adam Sandler plays dress-up for his two-hear-old daughter Sadie Madison. He makes fatherhood sound like just as much fun as one of his movies. -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Just in time for spring break: Mermaid towels! Perfect for dress-up and for beachwear, your little princess will love her new fins. -- LilSugar

Madonna's moving to New York ... with all three of her kids. How does Guy Ritchie feel about the custody arrangement? "Gutted, but resigned," says a friend. -- MomLogic

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Shopping for your little love is easy with these sweet and adorable Valentine's gifts. -- MomFinds

There have been plenty of headlines about birth order and how it affects personality. Find out what happens when a first child tries to raise her second child like a firstborn. Some rules just can't be broken.... -- Mommy Track'd

Whether or not you believe the groundhog, the warmer weather will be here soon. Sarah's got spring's top new fashion trends. -- Work It, Mom!

Wonder why you're so tired at the end of the day? Watch this time-lapse video of a nine-month-old at play. What I'm wondering about babies is, why aren't they more tired at the end of the day? -- Boing Boing


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