Moms Get "Mad at Dad" Once a Week, Survey Finds

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angry mom"I don't need a husband," a single friend often complains. "What I need is a wife."

If men are from Mars and women from Venus, the difference is never more noticeable than when there are young children in the house.

In fact, an astonishing 46% of women report being angry with their husband at least once a week. That number goes up among moms with tots under the age of one.

Why are moms so "mad at dad"? Parenting's national survey of 1,000 mothers on MomConnection is revealing. Take a look:

  • 44% of women feel angry when dads don't help around the house (and they also don't like having to ask)
  • 40% of moms wish dads would take care of the kids like they take care of the kids
  • 40% of moms wish their husbands could multi-task
  • 31% think their husbands don't help out with chores, and they generate more work for moms
  • 33% of women wish their marriage felt more like a partnership
  • 50% of women feel like their husbands get more time off

But I think the biggest reason moms get angry is because of this last statistic: One third of moms feel that they're lives have been turned up on end by parenthood, and they think dads are getting a free pass. "We're the walking, talking encyclopedias of family life, while dads tend to be more like brochures," says Parenting columnist Martha Brockenbrough.

"Men and women really are different," said my close friend who is also a counselor. "It's a fact of life that women pay more attention to the details of their lives than men do."

The answer is communication -- talking to friends when things get tough, but also talking to our spouses. Buried anger is just plain bad for your marriage.

This question is for the moms and dad out there: How often do you get angry at your spouse? Is it about the division of labor in your house, or something else? Share your stories with us.

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