New York Moms Go Nuts for Twins

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twinsNo doubt about it, having twins is a blessing -- but it can also mean a complicated pregnancy, double the bills, and more sleepless nights than you bargained for. However, these days in New York City, having twins also means something else: Elevated social status.

In a recent article titled "New York's Diaper Rush," Manhattan mothers of twins confessed that pulling double duty has awarded them more popularity than they ever imagined.

Here, the top three perks of having a double:

You Get Your life Back Quicker: Who wants to sweat back to her pre-pregnancy weight only to get preggers again shortly after and ruin all that hard work? "I have my body back, " said one Gramercy Park mom with 3-year-old twin girls. "And while my friends are bracing themselves for baby number two and all the sleep deprivation and chaos that comes with it, we are planning a family trip to Hawaii." In other words, you get thinner quicker and a complete mommyhood in one shot.

You Get More Attention: For some moms, having people see double when they walk down the street can be a great ego boost. "For people who like attention, twins are great, said one mom named Risa. "If I am ever depressed, I put my boys in the stroller and take a walk down the street and people just go nuts." So nuts in fact, that her sons were even cast on the soap opera Guiding Light, and Risa has been invited into an inner circle of moms with twins. "It can feel elitist. But they get it in a way that someone with one kid will never understand."

It's a Status Symbol: Thanks to the media attention that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's twins, Knox and Vivienne, and Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's babies Max and Emme have received, multiples symbolize success and indulgence. According to experts, the natural twin rate is two percent while the rate using IVF is 20 percent. People often assume mothers of twins have undergone IFV (a pricey procedure priced up to $25,000). In other words, having multiples can mean: "We can afford fertility treatments, double daycare, school tuition and big vacations. How 'bout you?"

Do you think having twins can elevate your social status, or are these moms just plain obnoxious?

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