Paris Hilton Gets Crafty

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Paris HiltonWhen you think of creative, crafty women with a talent for fashioning something beautiful out of almost nothing, who immediately comes to mind? Martha Stewart? Carol Duvall? Your mom?

How about Paris Hilton?

The self-described "iconic blond of the decade" is like a magician who has managed to convince an entire generation of young people that she is more than a party girl with a knack for self-promotion. And for her latest trick, she transforms herself into something far less flashy and much more domestic than anything we've seen from her before: A crafter.

Professional poser Paris Hilton has teamed up with Montreal-based Wooky Entertainment to launch the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection. The collection draws on her penchant for bling and includes a selection of scrapbooking and fabric embellishment products aimed at "sophisticated and savvy young ladies in search of trend and prestige."

We know why Paris would lend her name to a product, by why would the crafting community want Paris? To attract those "sophisticaed and savvy" young ladies, of course.

Wooky's VP of sales and marketing, Genevieve Lecompte, spells it out: "In the craft market we see a lot of demand for tweens and teens, but there's not much to offer. [Paris is] a great icon for teens and young adults. And she's a really creative person."

Paris isn't actually designing the papers and embellishments, but she does have a say in the final product and would like for us to believe that she actually scrapbooks herself. And while I don't doubt that Paris Hilton is creative -- just look at her outfit here -- I do take issue with the idea that she's a "great icon" for young people. Personally, the Paris Hilton name on a product is reason enough for me to pass it up. But judging by her obvious success, I may be in the minority here.

Does Paris Hilton's name on a product make you more or less inclined to purchase it? And is Paris the kind of icon you want your tween looking up to? Why or why not?


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