Bathroom Cameras a Good Thing, Says School

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Someone installs cameras in the school bathrooms, hoping to catch teenage girls involved in some "horseplay." Sounds like it's time to call the police, yes? Or Joe Francis. But wait, not only is the school well aware of the situation, it put them there.

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Some students had "expressed concern that the wash basin areas were not being respected by a small minority" -- and so the cameras were installed, claimed Aeron Rhys, head of Ysgol Dyffryn Teifi, a school in Wales. "The CCTV was installed to monitor these areas and it's done the trick. There's been a significant improvement." Improvement in what, you ask? Misuse of paper and soap, according to one school governor.

One parent, whose 14-year-old daughter was a student at the school, is having none of it. The cameras are an "outrageous invasion of privacy," he said. "The whole place is like they're on Big Brother. There are cameras all around the school, outside and in the corridors."

"Toilets can be areas where misbehavior occurs," deadpanned the school and local councils, who are behind the cameras. Literally and figuratively.

What do you think? Are cameras a solution or an invasion of students' privacy?

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