DUI Not Enough - Mother Adds Grand Theft Auto

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A teenager's hands on a steering wheel.Teenagers often do, well, dumb things. I know I did my fair share. One thing I never did, however, was get behind the wheel of a car when I had been drinking. (Getting on a bicycle, now, that's another story.) One Sacramento, CA, teen, however, spent the weekend in juvie after going for a drunken ride in his mother's car.

Police spotted the sixteen-year-old driving erratically and gave chase, but instead of stopping when he saw the officers, the teen took off and smashed into the dumpster.

All that isn't terribly unusual; it happens all too often. What makes this story different from most is the reaction of the boy's mother. Instead of making excuses and proclaiming her son's innocence, she has asked police to add theft of the car to the charges of driving under the influence and driving without a license.

"He needs to know that there needs to be a stop to it, and if I don't go this way he could hurt someone or hurt himself and I don't want that to happen," the boy's mother told a local reporter. This couldn't have been an easy decision to make -- no parent wants to see their child get into trouble. "It was tough for me to make this decision," said the mom.

I do think she made the right choice. What about you? Is this an example of making the punishment really fit the crime, or tough love gone bad? Would you be able to do the same for your own children?

Would you press charges against your child?
Yes - kids have to learn their lessons.110 (42.5%)
Maybe - if I were at the end of my rope with the kid.112 (43.2%)
No - that's not my job as a parent.37 (14.3%)

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