Erin Brockovich's Daughter Blames Mom for Addiction

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Elizabeth Brockovich, 17, daughter of environmental campaigner Erin Brockovich recently spoke out about her addiction to drugs -- and blames her mom's fame for her struggles.

Elizabeth confessed (see video here) that she started experimenting with marijuana at age 12, and was hooked on cocaine and prescription drugs by age 14, all while her mother was busy campaigning or promoting her hit Hollywood film, Erin Brockovich, starring Julia Roberts.

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Erin Brockovitch"When the movie came out, she was gone all the time either on appearances or interviews or lecturing," said Elizabeth. "That was my time to go crazy, because she wasn't there. I would ditch school, I was driving around with kids that were under the influence."Brockovich, 48, says she didn't know Elizabeth was using drugs. It was only when her daughter's grades started slipping and "she'd no longer look in my eyes," that Brockovich realized her daughter was using. That, and the money Elizabeth was stealing from her to pay for her habit.

"You hate to think you were duped but at some level I was duped," says Brockovich. "She definitely lied to me."

Elizabeth says she hit rock bottom when she played in a high school volleyball game tripping on LSD. "When the ball came to me during the game, I thought it turned into fire --no joke -- and I ran from the ball and I let my whole entire team down. We lost the game. We lost the championships," she says.

Brockovich, who became a household name after her successful battle to win a record $200 million in compensation for people who were poisoned after negligence by Pacific Gas and Electric Company in 1996, has vowed to do whatever it takes to help Elizabeth, even sending her to a $25,000 a month rehab near Malibu, CA, for two months.

"I will fight for her to the end -- again. And we'll do it together and be stronger than ever," says Brockovich. "I love her and I'm her parent and I will be there for her.'

What's stands out here is that nowhere in this sad story does Elizabeth take responsibility for her actions; she blames it all on mom. And while we are all products of our parent's influence, at age 17, this young woman should have the insight to see where mom ends and she begins. On the other hand, there is no denying that while Brockovich, a single mom, was out making history, she probably could have been home a little more often.

Is this a story of a neglected girl who turned to drugs or an immature young woman looking to escape responsibility for her actions? What do you think?

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