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boy birthdaySo your baby is turning one, or maybe two. Do you throw them a big, blowout neighborhood party, or is it smarter to keep their celebration small and simple? It's a smackdown! Which side are you on? -- Strollerderby

The Duggars can't get enough of having babies, and we just can't get enough of the Duggars. See what mom Michelle Duggar has to say about big family life and their new book The Duggars: 20 and Counting! -- LilSugar

Decorating your first nursery is once-in-a-lifetime fun. Before you start, get some tips from celebrity designer (and new dad!) Kenneth Brown. -- CafeMom

Giving up a binky is a big, big step in a toddler's world. Minimize tears and tantrums with these five tips for saying goodbye to the pacifier for good. -- AlphaMom

Batman: The Dark Knight actress Maggie Gyllenhaal might be a movie star, but she's also a pretty cool mom. Read her thoughts on raising daughter Ramona in the city, and why you won't catch her handing out parenting advice. -- Babble

Getting a weird feeling that something isn't right between your baby and her sitter? Here are seven signs of a bad babysitter and advice on how to find good childcare. -- BabyCenter

You've heard The Twelve Days of Christmas, right? Here's a slightly different version: The Nine Months of Pregnancy! Funny! -- His Boys Can Swim

It's never too early to start making Valentine cards; your kids will love making, and handing out, these cute DIY versions to their friends. -- Cool Mom Picks


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