Obamas Read to DC Kids

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Barack and Michelle ObamaThanks to a surprise visit from President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, some Washington, D.C. second-graders had a very, very good answer to the question, "What did you do in school today?"

The Obamas stopped in at Capital City Public Charter School classroom Tuesday to read to the kids. "We were just tired of being in the White House," the president explained, after shaking each child's hand. He added that he and Michelle "just wanted to see you guys."

He and his wife then sat down and read the kids a story, "The Moon Over Star," by Dianna Hutts Aston, about astronaut Neil Armstrong's historic walk on the Moon, while Education Secretary Arne Duncan looked on.

Obama asked the kids who wanted to be an astronaut. After only one hand went up, another boy said that he wanted to be president someday. "I think you might make it," President Obama said. Mrs. Obama then cautioned another little girl whose ambition is to be first lady that the gig "doesn't pay much."

When one child asked him why he wanted to be president, Obama simply replied: "To be able to help people."

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