David After Dentist - "Is This Real Life?"

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If you didn't know poor 7-year-old David had just been to the dentist, you'd think he spent the last two days over-indulging at Burning Man. Gassed to the max from oral surgery, the little guy does his best Cheech & Chong impression while spacing out to an imaginary Grateful Dead soundtrack stuck on repeat in his mind. Dude, it's so trippy.

"Dad, is this real life?" David queries from the back seat of the family car.

"This is real life," his dad reassures him.

David's dad relives the glory days, chuckling at his little stoner. But the fun turns funky when the youngster sees what I can only assume is an army of flying pink elephants commanding David to "get off of their cloud!" That, or he's suddenly struck with an unbearable case of the munchies.

The video is a little creepy -- should parents be posting videos of their vulnerable children? -- yet oddly adorable and absolutely hysterical.

Update: Now the video has it's own soundtrack. Check it out below.

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