Angie Everhart Looking to Profit From Pregnancy

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Angie EverhardtRemember Angie Everhart? The smoking hot supermodel turned actress turned Sly Stallone arm candy? Well, she's back and she would very much like to have your attention.

Word on the street (and by street, I mean Perez Hilton) is that the 39-year-old redhead is pregnant with her first child and the father is not Joe Pesci. That Everhart even has to deny Pesci's paternity may sound odd, but she and the funnyman were actually a couple for several years before breaking up this past April.

So, who is the dad? Everhart isn't saying, but something tells me that her secrecy is a calculated move designed to boost interest in a reality show she's shopping. The show is called Angie Baby and it will follow her through her pregnancy as a single woman going it alone. I predict a very special episode in which the father of the child is revealed.

Angie says her desire to turn her pregnancy into a reality show isn't about money or attention. It's about showing the world how great it is to be pregnant and single. "I decided to do a show about me being a single, strong, healthy and good-spirited woman who is having a baby on her own. I want to show the positive aspects of women who do it on their own," she said.

Of course, single women get pregnant and have babies all the time and it isn't the end of the world. In fact, some women may genuinely prefer it that way. But there are ups and downs and good days and bad days and in the end, you work it out the best you can. Single motherhood is not a walk in the park and a reality show that depicts only the positive aspects of going it alone isn't exactly depicting reality.

Do you think celebrities who flaunt their unwed pregnancies do a disservice to young women by glamorizing single motherhood? Or are dads truly optional these days?

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