Brian Grazer's Ex Wants $1 Million Per Month in Child Support

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Hollywood mogul Brian Grazer's estranged wife Gigi Levangie Grazer, is asking for almost $1 million dollars a month in child-support. While that might seem reasonable by Hollywood standards, it's actually slightly more than Grazer says he earns.

Gigi -- who is a successful author and TV series developer -- claims her ex- made $28 million in 2008, which would mean he really makes more than twice the $835,954 per month that he's claiming, according to Radar Online. (Um, Gigi? Taxes.) The new wrinkle is that the producer is going to court to reduce the $75,000 per month he has been paying so far, because "Gigi's spending has increased since he filed for divorce."

That sounds like legalese for "throwing money around like a drunken sailor."

Celebrity Moms We Love to Hate

    Gigi Levangie-Grazer
    Hollywood producer Brian Grazer has been paying his ex-wife Gigi, who penned "The Starter Wife," $75K monthly, but she wants nearly $1 million per month for child support for two kids. Come on, Gigi.

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    Pamela Anderson:
    We applaud Pam for refusing to allow her kids to be filmed on her short-lived reality show Pam: Girl on the Loose, but Pam, your sons can still see you prancing around naked and your partying antics in Hollywood-as long as they have television and the Internet.

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    Denise Richards:
    At first we gave Denise Richards the benefit of the doubt when her reality-show Denise Richards: It's Complicated premiered-maybe she wasn't as bad as she seemed. But shortly after the first episode, it was clear the show was nothing more than a public forum for her bitter divorce from actor Charlie Sheen. From screaming the C-word to perpetuating the feud between her and her ex, Denise was quoted as saying, "The gloves are off. When I keep my mouth shut, [Charlie] continues to fuel [the feud] anyway, so I'm not gonna sit back anymore." What about staying classy for your kids?

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    Christie Brinkley:
    We admit we couldn't stop watching the very messy-and public-divorce between model Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook. But at the heart of the drama was a mom who seemingly had no qualms about humiliating her ex at the expense of her children. Do kids ages 13 and 10 really need to know about their dad's porn addiction and penchant for underage girls? Christie decided to keep their divorce a media circus and as a result, came off as an unfit mom.

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    Courtney Love:
    We all know Courtney is an unconventional mom. But in 1992, Vanity Fair shocked the world by claiming the rock star took heroin while unknowingly carrying daughter Frances Bean, and as a result, she had to fight for custody. And in 2003, she was arrested for breaking and entering at her ex-boyfriend's home. She was hospitalized for a drug overdose and Frances Bean was placed with the Department of Children and Family Services for over a year. Never mind a month-long stint in rehab in 2004, followed by six months in lock-down rehab, then house arrest. After publicly claiming she was suicidal when late husband Kurt Cobain's ashes were stolen from her home, and a constant battle with yo-yo dieting, we have to wonder how her daughter feels. Courtney, will you ever pull it together?

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    Dina Lohan:
    From late drinking and clubbing right alongside daughter Lindsay, it's a miracle Dina Lohan was voted a "Top Mom" by "Mingling Moms," a group for new mothers in Long Island, New York. Sure, Dina could have used Lindsay's mistakes to ensure younger sister Ali didn't follow suit, but this stage mama shocked fans during the premiere of Living Lohan when she enjoyed online porn-with Ali in the next room. When Ali walked in she asked, "Oh, is that Lindsay?"

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    Linda Hogan:
    Newly divorced Linda Hogan, 50, can certainly play the field, but she's dating a 19-year-old child-who's two years younger than her daughter Brooke. Despite the fact that Brooke has told the world her mom's actions are damaging their relationship ("I'm totally freaked out!"), and she's tired of the media attention, Linda seems oblivious to her daughter's pleas. Shouldn't she re-focus her priorities?

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    Kate Moss:
    Being pregnant didn't stop supermodel Kate Moss from posing nude in a life-size photo spread called "Naked Portrait 2002" Later that year, Kate gave birth to daughter Lila Grace-but she also continued her partying ways. During New York City's 2005 Fashion Week, London's Daily Mirror printed a photo of then 31-year-old Moss, mother to then two-year-old Lila, cutting lines of cocaine on a CD jewel box.

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    Kathy Hilton:
    The mother of heiress Paris Hilton says she's unfairly portrayed as a gold-digging stage mother, but where was mom when daughters Paris and Nicky, then 16 and 14, were hitting the New York club scene? In 2007 when a judge ordered 26-year-old Paris to serve 45 days in county jail for violating probation on a reckless driving case, Kathy laughed and said, "May I have your autograph?" And according to a Hilton biography, Kathy is proud of Paris's sex tape, painting her daughter a "victim." Maybe it's unfair to blame Paris's uncontrollable ways on her mom, but does the apple really fall far from the tree?

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    Sharon Stone:
    When earlier this year actress Sharon Stone lost physical custody of her 8-year-old son Roan, we were shocked. And while Sharon is known for creating controversy (suggesting the 2008 earthquake in China was the result of "karma") and for her extreme parenting style (pushing Roan to have Botox injections in his feet to cure foot odor), we had no idea how out of control this mom really was.

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The only people I know who have gotten divorced were childless and broke, so I can't say I've experienced anything like this first-hand. But whenever I read about messy celebrity splits -- Alex Rodriguez, Christie Brinkley, whoever -- I wonder just what the hell everyone is thinking. Sure, maybe the husband (or wife) was a jerk. But you've got children together. I'm someone who feels strongly that "staying together for the kids" is a really bad idea. But "acting like grown-ups for the kids"? That I can get behind.

As a contrast, let's look at the divorce of another mega-celebrity: Howard Stern. Stern, according to various comments he's made over the years on his radio show, had a mostly amicable parting from his longtime spouse Alison. Because they had three children together, Stern wanted things to go as smoothly as possible. There were times when he wanted to fight, but ultimately he would give in for the sake of parental harmony. This from a "shock jock" who some have blamed for the downfall of society of large.

As for me? I'm staying married. Forever. Because I am hopelessly, endlessly, head over heels in love. I have been since the day I first saw my wife. (She's looking over my should right now. But it's true.)

Let me ask you this: Is there any way that Gigi is planning to use all that cash for her kids? What could she possibly spend that much money on? I know kids are expensive these days, but a million bucks a month? It's not like she has fourteen children. (Nadya Suleman, represent!) Somebody needs to stop getting pedicures and pay a little more attention to their offspring.

What do you think? Is Grazer's ex- entitled to get as much money as she wants? Or is she using her kids like an ATM?

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