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rick astleyDad Rick Astley doesn't talk about his singing career, but even his daughter couldn't escape the Rick Roll. How does Emile, now 17, feel about dad's short-lived life as a pop star? "My daughter is suitably embarrassed and proud at the same time," says Rick. -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Here's a celebrity who puts her money -- and her body -- where her mouth is. While on a UNICEF mission in Africa, nursing mom Salma Hayek was so moved by a sick and hungry baby, she picked him up and nursed him. -- LilSugar

Can't get enough of Nadya Suleman, mom of the now famous octuplets? One blogger wonders if she's got just a few too many things in common with Angelina Jolie. -- Babble

Great family activity for spring: Letterboxing. It's like geocaching and a scavenger hunt all rolled into a fun way to hike in the woods. -- AlphaMom

Baby only wants Mama, but Daddy's in charge. Here are 10 surefire ways for dads to soothe a crying baby. -- BabyCenter

Here's some last minute Valentine Day ideas for moms: Give her simple, silver jewelry that imitates Michelle Obama's, without breaking the bank. -- MomFinds

Washington State passed a law that prevents nursing women from being harassed in public places. If you've ever tried to nurse a baby in a public bathroom, then you know why this is important news. -- MomLogic

Has Whole Foods become too snooty for kids? One mom thinks so. What kinds of places do you avoid now that you're a parent? -- Mommy Track'd

Kids are expensive, it's true. Would you consider postponing pregnancy until the recession is over, or do you think that there's never really a "perfect" time to have a baby? -- Motherlode

Valentine's Day may be about hearts and roses, but even kids know relationships aren't so simple. Do you think role modeling a healthy adult relationship is enough, or do you have heart-to-hearts with your kids about what it means to love someone? -- Blogher|Cribsheet


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