Woman In Labor Calls Radio Station To Find Husband

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on the phoneEverybody who has ever had a child has a story about the day the kid was born. Some are better than others, of course. But this story might be the best I've heard yet.

A very pregnant Kerry Colber of Portland, OR, started having contractions on Monday. She was alone. And wouldn't you know it, her husband, Dan, left his cell phone at home. How could she reach him?

Knowing that he was a fan of the Dr. Doug & Skippy Show on 97.1 Charlie FM, she called the station, got on the air and told her hubby to get himself to the hospital. Amazingly, it worked -- Dan heard his wife on the radio, rushed to the hospital and made it there in time for the birth of his son, according to a friend of the Colber's who called Dr. Doug and Skippy on Wednesday with an update.

Co-host Dr. Doug's real name is Doug Dodds; he is not actually a doctor. In fact, he's never experienced childbirth (his wife has a son from a previous marriage) and he admits to being a little freaked out when he first got the call.

"Matt Wilcox, our producer, came in at 8 am and asked if we wanted to take a call from a woman in labor," the morning show host said in an interview with ParentDish on Wednesday evening. "Her contractions were about four minutes apart [and] she was driving herself to the hospital. We stayed on the air live for 20 minutes, until we heard the voices of the people at the hospital."

Isn't it amazing how dependent we all are on cell phones? As someone who didn't get a cell until after college (a Nokia 2160 that was the size of a brick), I can still recall a time when being out of touch was a regular occurrence.

By the time my first child was born, I was very aware of where my cell phone was at all times. On the big day, I was on the subway coming home from work. I stopped at an ATM and saw I had a voice mail, but the connection was so bad I couldn't hear the message. I decided to call home and see if my wife needed anything from the supermarket. Good thing I did, since the voice mail was from my wife -- her water had broken. I ran home, we hopped in a cab and everything was fine.

Dr. Doug says that he hopes to speak to the new parents to see how they're doing. We'll keep you posted.

What's your birth story? Where were you when you went into labor?

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