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Got plans for the three-day weekend? If not, maybe this will help. Here's a run-down of what's new this week in kid's entertainment as adapted from ratings and reviews by Common Sense Media.

At the Movies
Based on the book by Sophie Kinsella, Confessions of a Shopaholic is a study in rampant consumerism and high-end product placement. While parents may find little to object to in the film's language or content, the glorification of shopping and the stereotypical naive and financially clueless heroine may more than make up for that. Rated PG, OK for Kids 12+

How the Garcia Girls Spent Their SummerHow the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer
is a sexually-charged film that examines the lives of three generations of women in the same family. The film earns its rating with plenty of sexual innuendo, coarse language and a scene in which a young woman loses her virginity. Rated R, OK for Kids 16+

Aaron Stone
continues the teen-living-a-double-life formula that has worked so well for Disney. This one, however, is aimed at teen boys and features a video game-playing high school student who moonlights as a real-life crime fighter. Gaming is central to the show's plot and there are plenty of combat scenes but very little in the way of injuries or gore. Rated TV-Y7-FV, OK for Kids 9+

There Are Cats in This BookLittle kids will be delighted to discover There are Cats in This Book. Tiny, Moonpie, and Andre are mischievous felines just begging to play - but first you have to find them. Kids will enjoy lifting the flaps and following the instructions in Viviane Shwarz's colorful book. OK for Kids 2+

15-year-old Miranda Cosgrove has grown up since her School of Rock Days and the proof is in her music. The iCarly star's just-released CD About You Now features 5 pop-rock songs that reflect her budding maturity, including one with a not-so-subtle reference to late-night partying. OK for Kids 11+

Bing Bang MiniVideo Games
There is no storyline in Big Bang Mini, just lots of mild fantasy violence directed at cartoonish characters in the sky. While the instruction to launch fireworks using the stylus as if it were a match is an odd analogy to make in a children's game, the game itself is beautifully rendered and easy to learn and play. For Nintendo DS. Rated E, OK for Kids 7+

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