Valentine's Day Messages from Our Kids

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On this Valentine's Day, ParentDish wishes all our readers and your families a day of happiness and love. And lots of kisses and candy.

You know how we're always asking you questions, for your opinions and comments? (Mmm, doing it again!) It must be some sort of compulsion, 'cause we did the same with our own kids. We asked them: What do you want to say on Valentine's Day? Oh, and the card to the right? That's for Daisy, the family dog, from Ellie, age 8.

I love you mommy because you get me stuff when I can't reach stuff I want to play with. xo xo xo xo xo xo xo love, Sara -- Sara

I love you mommy because you love me. ox ox ox xo xo xo xo xo Love, Jared ps. happy valantines day! -- Jared

I love my sister because she plays with me. I love my mom because she cuddles with me. I love my dad because he dances with me
. -- Cassie, 6

Dear Grandma, I love you, please have a safe morning and stay out of the rain. Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Emmie
-- Emmie, 4

Share your children's special Valentine's messages with the rest of us. Thanks!

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