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olivia forms a bandBudget-minded cooks, here's your chance to get noticed. Join the Pantry Challenge and win one of ten prizes. Here's the catch, you've got to hop on over to The Motherhood and post in the Pantry Challenge circle today. -- The Motherhood

Got a little one who loves Disney's Imagination Movers? Find out what this entertaining dad band is like in real life. -- LilSugar

Pregnancy does a lot of weird things to your body, but for some women, one of the most frustrating is post-partum hair loss. It's temporary, we promise. -- AlphaMom

I want my kids to love Cookie Monster again, just so I have an excuse to make this adorable Cookie Monster cupcake. -- Strollerderby

Just three days after performing at the Grammy's, M.I.A. gives birth to a baby boy. "Having a baby is the most creative thing you can do," she says. -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Feel like your life is unorganized and out of control? Here are some quick tips to make your everyday routines go more smoothly. -- Work It, Mom!

Here's a quick way to make some enemies: Bring your baby to a movie. But people do it all the time. Would you? -- CafeMom

We've all had those "I can't believe I did that" moments, but eating another family's pizza and then getting caught? Ouch. What's your most embarrassing parenting moment? -- MomLogic

Are you the anti-craft parent? Then you'll enjoy the simplicity of this little activity -- give your kids mini-marshmallows and colored toothpicks and let them create. Simple, yet brilliant. -- PBS Supersisters

Patricia Resnick helped bring Olivia to life on Nick Jr's new series. Find out how she took our favorite pig from the page to the screen in this recent interview. -- Mommy Track'd

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