Cooking With Kids Makes Dinner a Family Affair

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My sons are complete food opposites: One is a gourmand who has never met a dinner he didn't love, while the other is the pickiest child alive. No exaggeration, I promise. So I'm always on the lookout for the middle ground. That is, healthy, kid-friendly recipes and meal suggestions.

Recently I've also been on the lookout for ways to get my kids in the kitchen -- versus sitting in the dining room -- to help out with the actual cooking.

Cooking With Kids is exactly what I've been searching for. The site is a cheery mix of recipes, tips, strategies and polls, all to get parents and kids cooking and eating healthy. Together.

Cooking With Kids is more than just an on-line cookbook; it's a support system for parents who know we should make the effort to make dinner, but just can't seem to find the time or energy. Pieces like Kat Kinsman's Great Reasons to Cook With Kids are energizing and inspiring, and will get you to toss that take out menu and whip up some tacos. With a little help from your little helpers, of course!

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