Angelina Jolie's Kids Dress Like ... Well, Like Kids

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Angelina Jolie was spotted enjoying a girls' day out in New York City this week with daughters Zahara, four, and Shiloh, two. The super-hot mom of six was wearing a long black trench coat, knee-high boots, and oversize sunglasses; her girls were sporting leggings and sensible shoes and security blankets.

Honestly, they looked like any other suburban family out running errands. You know, if all suburban moms were as stunning as Angelina.

Jolie-Pitt Clan

    Girls' Day Out
    Zahara and Shiloh enjoy a shopping trip with mom Angelina Jolie in New York. They look like typical little girls -- comfortable and warm and ready for fun with their mom.


    Just when it seemed you'd read every sappy tidbit about the picture-perfect Jolie-Pitts and their nigh-on-holy parenting prowess, it turns out these immaculate specimens are even more flawless than originally assumed. But no matter what they tell reporters, the Hollywood power couple don't exactly practice what they preach.

    James Devaney/

    Brad recently told Hello! magazine that he and his family are too cool for fancy Christmas presents, saying: "We do exchange gifts, although we don't feel any pressure to make them big or expensive gifts."

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    And not only that -- the reason the kids don't ask for the latest cheap, plastic, Elmo-inspired gadgets is because they don't watch American cartoons, thereby avoiding all the "manipulative" ads run by toymakers.

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    Which, to be fair, is nice to hear. After all, in tough economic times, it's refreshing that even the wealthiest families are taking a sensible approach to the holiday madness.

    Or, it would be, if the Jolie-Pitts weren't just spouting off about their holier-than-thou approach to child rearing. 'Cause, as it turns out, Angelina can be quite the spendthrift.

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    Angie recently ordered a 2009 Ducati 1100s Monster for her hunky hubby's 45th birthday. The bike isn't available yet for us mere mortals, but when it is this hot ride will set you back $12,000.


    And you may remember in September of last year, when blogs were buzzing with the news that Angelina had bought daughter Zahara a mini Valentino braided leather shoulder bag (to match the grown-up version she was carrying at the time -- then worth $1695).

    Not that the Jolie-Pitts are horrible people (I mean, what else would you do with hundreds of millions of dollars to spend?) -- but next time you're bummed because your family doesn't live up to Brangelina's unattainable standards, remember that their squeaky-clean celebrity image is just as much PR spin as it is reality.

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    Angelina Jolie with Shiloh, Pax and Zahara walking in New Orlean's French Quarter in 2008.

    Chris Wolf, FilmMagic

    Brad Pitt carrying Shiloh and Zahara at the Lenval Hospital in Nice, where Angelina gave birth to twins Knox and Vivienne in July 2008.

    Lionel Cironneau, AP

Celebrity kids often have a tendency to be little fashion plates -- Suri Cruise and her wardrobe of only dresses, for example. It's easy to see how famous parents might feel the urge to turn their tots into mini-fashionistas; designers are constantly sending celebs high-end baby and kid clothes, for starters, so why not let the kids wear it all? On top of that, celebrities -- particularly Hollywood moms -- make a living looking fabulous, and it can be hard to draw the line between your own style and your childrens' style. And when you know there will be photographers waiting each time you leave the house -- especially if you're out with the kids -- it only makes sense to make sure those kids look fabulous, too.

So it was nice to see the Jolie-Pitt girls hanging out with their mommy in what amounted to normal kid clothes, rather than scaled-down couture. Both girls were wearing basic black leggings, which are practical and comfortable; Zahara topped hers off with an oversized hooded cardigan, while Shiloh was bundled in a dark green pea coat. And no sparkly Dorothy shoes here; Zahara wore leather Mary Janes and Shiloh had on some old school sneakers. These two looked ready to play, rather than pose.

Both girls were also toting their loveys; Shiloh's was a wee pink slip of a thing, easily stuffed into her mother's hand bag if need be, but Zahara was hugging a much bigger knit blanket. I love a kid with a blankie, and I can see how facing a wall of paparrazi might be a little less frightening to a two or four-year-old if she had her special blanket with her, although I think I might have talked Zahara into something a little smaller, for convenience sake. It says a lot about Angelina's parenting, though, that she was willing to let Zahara bring that gigantic blankie on their outing; she seems to be prioritizing her children's comfort over her own appearance.

What I like most about Shiloh and Zahara's outfits, though, is that they look like kids -- Zahara has her hood up, because four-year-olds are like that, and Shiloh's wispy baby hair is falling out of her ponytail. They look like typical little girls -- comfortable and warm and ready to do fun kid stuff with their mom.

Are the Jolie-Pitt girls bringing back play clothes, or should Angelina have spiffed them up a little more before she left the house? What do your kids wear on a typical day?

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