Baby Nicknames - The Good, The Bad, The Embarrassing

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family with babyWhen I was in middle school, a new girl named Binky moved into the neighborhood. Of course, Binky was not the name listed on her birth certificate, but an homage to her extreme attachment to her pacifier as a child. And there she was, in seventh grade, still going by Binky.

That's pretty bad, but it could have been worse. Cafe Mom asked their readers to share the silly nicknames they have for their kids -- and the responses were hilarious. From sweet (Princess Poopy Cheeks) to gross (Skidmark), it seems we just can't resist the urge to saddle our children with goofy names they will surely grow to resent.

There is something about a cute little baby that brings out the mushy side in the most serious adult. We cuddle and coo and baby talk with abandon. So it is not surprising that many of us invent silly terms of endearment to refer to the objects of our affection.

My own eight-year-old acquired her nickname as a drooly infant who constantly needed her mouth wiped. As I would dab a tissue over her face, I would say "boop a doopa doo." As these things tend to do, the term evolved into a nickname and now she is Boop A Doo. She doesn't really mind too much. In fact, when I recently commented to her on how big she was getting, she promised me that no matter how grown up she was, she would always be my Boop A Doo. And in return, I promised never to call her that in public.

Some of my faves from Cafe Mom's reader submissions are Bumby-Dude, Matrix Baby, Bag Lady and Boobie Cakes. Let's hear yours. What is the silliest nickname you've come up with for your own little one?

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