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Hate to say it folks (and I know I'm about to get hit), but fathers sometimes do know best about video games. There's a fair share of dads who know their way around a wireless controller. But how many moms do you know who actually play video games for fun or with their kids?

No judgment, really, but ... quick: What's difference between Guitar Hero 2 and Rock Band 2? Grand Theft Auto and Simpson's Hit and Run? The Wii and PS3? These are questions you should know the answers to.

Relax. There's a new web site for moms (and dads),, that explains it all. As a kick off, PlaySavvy recently held a Video Gaming Boot Camp for Moms. That's right, real moms rocking out to Guitar Hero and volleying Wii tennis. Here's a video of the event:

"We want to dispel the myth that all video games are bad and that this can be a nice family activity, too," said editor in chief Libe Goad.

Lilia Levin, artist and mom to a 6-year-old and a 13-year old, said it was time she learned how to play video games with her kids. "I don't know how much coordination [it] requires, but it might be fun." Got to say, looked like she was having a good time in a Wii tennis match with Bess Brodsky, mom to two teens.

Even if you are an overgrown child like me, PlaySavvy is a helpful guide to all the latest video games and systems your kids are asking for. And in this economy, why waste money on things you don't know enough about?

Do you know how to play video games your kids are playing?

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