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maternity jeansBeing pregnant doesn't have to mean giving up your favorite pair of jeans, you've just got to find a new pair of favorites. MomFind's has done the shopping for you, so check out their list of best maternity jeans.

Baby spends all day crawling on the floor anyway, why not have him save on sweeping too? Check out the baby mop, and if you think that's funny, here's the baby mop in action. -- BuzzFeed

Spring is on it's way, but if you're trying to prevent cabin fever in the waning weeks of winter, check out this list of unique and family friendly museum's -- Dr. Seuss and Pez have their own! -- AlphaMom

One child hits another at school, making them both the talk of the neighborhood. Should teachers contact every parent, or keep conversations limited to the families involved? -- Strollerderby

Thinking of breastfeeding? Encourage success by boning up on the facts before your baby is born. Here are a few to get you started. -- BabyCenter

Little Harlow's going to be a big sister! Nicole Richie and Joel Madden announce they're expecting baby number two. -- Celebrity Baby Blog

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is turning 40 years old. Celebrate with a new pop-up version, due in stores March 10. -- LilSugar

Bill Cosby and Carol Brady have gone the way of Supernanny and Real Housewives. Why aren't good parents portrayed on TV anymore? -- Motherlode

Financial aid forms -- We know they're necessary to help your baby bird fly the nest, but why are they so darn impossible? -- The Motherhood

Nursing moms master one-handed typing pretty quickly. How do you fill the hours you spend nursing -- surfing, reading, watching TV? -- Work It, Mom!


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