Should Brother and Sister Share a Bedroom?

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twin bedsFrom birth through high school, my sister and I shared a bedroom while our brother enjoyed his own room down the hall. We resented his good fortune but never questioned the idea that he, as a boy, should not be sharing a room with us. Brothers and sisters just don't, right?

Well, sometimes limited space requires that they do. When family members outnumber bedrooms and the children are not of the same sex, what choice does a parent have other than to pair up a brother and sister in the same room? That situation is the topic of an interesting debate going on over at Cafe Mom and it is clear that there is no middle ground when it comes to opinions on the subject. While some feel it is no big deal, most are convinced that it is the worst idea ever.

Those who object to the idea of co-ed sleeping arrangements beyond the early years cite fears of raging hormones and natural curiosity getting the better of a brother and sister. While I agree that the situation would probably be awkward and uncomfortable for everyone involved, the idea that a parent who does this is "asking for trouble" seems far-fetched.

Also, according to some, such sleeping arrangements are actually illegal in some states. Put a brother and sister in the same room after a certain age and you risk a visit from CPS! I can't find any verification of that particular claim, but many of the parents participating in the discussion clearly believe it to be true.

The bottom line is this: In a perfect world, every child would have his or her own room and the privacy that goes along with it. But few of us live in a perfect world and therefore must make accommodations for our particular situations.

What do you think about opposite-sex siblings sharing a room? Is it just an aggravating imposition for these kids or a disaster in the making?

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