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child in bedTime to move your toddler out of her crib? Here are five things to think about to make the transition to more smoothly. -- LilSugar

Here's one dad's answer to his son's request to play Call of Duty (a shoot 'em up video game): Research and discuss the Geneva Convention first, then play the game by those rules only. What do you think? Is it a fair compromise? -- Boing Boing

My daughter's only six and begging to have a slumber party. Here's how to know when your child is ready for a sleepover and how to prepare them for that first night away from home. -- Divine Caroline

More daughters are following in their father's career footsteps. Is this a sign that dad's are more involved -- especially with their girls -- than they used to be? -- Well Blog

Are you addicted to the news? Here's why you should wait to watch it until your young children are in bed. -- Parenting

Baby names -- how did you pick yours? Read about one dad's agonizing search for the perfect name for his son-to-be. -- His Boys Can Swim

Things are tough all over, that's for sure, but especially so in Detroit. One mom of six is becoming her own boss after two years of unemployment by opening an eatery. -- MomLogic

Forget Only Child Syndrome, what about Other Child Syndrome? Do you worry so much about one of your kids that the rest get left out? -- Mommy Track'd

Fighting in front of your kids -- do you do it? Do you think it's just a normal part of family life, or are disagreements best kept behind closed doors? -- Momversation

It's bath time! Keep things fun in the tub with these adorable water toys. -- Mighty Junior


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