Modern Design - A Puzzle Rug!

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PuzzlePerser rugShopping is literally a guilty pleasure, especially these days, since it's easy to feel seriously guilty doing it. Online "window shopping," on the other hand, is another story.

Well, to clarify: Window shopping for myself, not so much fun. Window shopping for my children, however, yes. Fun. Always. (Also fun: Window-shopping for fancy food and kitchen items. Anyone?)

If I were going to really shop for something new, though, it would be a family gift, like this fabulous Katrin Sonnleitner puzzle rug featured on the groovy, window-shopping-heaven kids-design portal It's called the PuzzlePerser and has all the beauty of a Persian rug combined with the fun and joy of putting together a 1225-piece, recycleable-rubber puzzle-rug. You can create different patterns as the mood moves you ... or the kids.

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