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milla jojovichEmbarrassed in the school pick-up line by your disaster of a car? Snap a picture, then send it off to the Mom's Messy Car Contest. Deadline's March 7. -- The Mommy Files

Moms register for baby shower gifts all the time, but birthday party registries? That seems like it's taking thing a little too far. What do you think -- great idea or just plain greedy? -- CafeMom

Kids say (and do) the craziest things ... often on camera. Today's technology makes it easy to share those embarrassing moments with the world, but are viral videos fair to the kids who star in them? -- MomLogic

Slings keep baby close and cozy while Mom's hands stay free. Here are five tried and tested slings for expecting parents. -- Babble

Parents may love Google Latitude, the original kid-tracking advice. But tween girls think Latitude is "stalkerish." Does Google's software take helicopter parenting too far? -- Alpha Mom

Milla Jovovich keeps daughter Ever, 15 months, on a short leash while at the airport. Is Ever just too quick for her mom? -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Read to baby 20 minutes a day say experts. Here are some stand-out titles just right for the littlest listeners. -- Work It, Mom!

Generation X parents work less and play with their kids more, which means we value successful parenting in addition to successful kids. There are a lot of theories about why we parent this way -- what's yours? -- Strollerderby

I was close to giddy the day I donated my breast pump. It's posed as a helpful tool to get breast milk to babies when mom isn't around, but it can also feel like a ball and chain. Here's one mom's take on the breast pump and the working mom. -- Cribsheet | Blogher

Got a nursery to decorate? Here's a giveaway that could get you enough paint to get the job done ... for free. Contest ends Sunday. -- The Motherhood


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