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The suspense is over! The most important issue facing our nation will soon come to a close! Drum roll, please...

Michelle Obama has revealed that she wants a Portuguese Water Dog.

Obama told People Magazine that it was down to either that or a Labradoodle or Goldendoodle. When asked if the First Lady's preference is the deciding vote, an aide replied, "She is one of four votes in the process." Let's not forget, though, that she's the "soft power" in the White House.

Obama Puppies

    Ruff Nomination Process Comes to an End
    How could picking out a puppy like be "tougher than finding a commerce secretary?" Well, the final decision is here. Portuguese Water Dog. There were other contenders -- check them out.

    Alex Korab, AOL


    It's a mutt, like Obama (hey, he said it). It offers the best of two great family pet breeds: Golden Retriever (adaptable, trainable) and Poodle (personable, intelligent). Maybe next time.

    Getty Images


    Another mixed breed that offers the shining personality and smarts of the poodle with the best of the Labrador Retriever -- friendly, energetic and great with kids.

    Yoav Lemmier/AFP/Getty Images

    Peruvian Hairless

    This bald, toothless, hairless breed actually looks like a cross between a donkey and a bat. Not cute. Peru was even formally offered up this four-month-old pup, nicknamed "Ears."


    Lap dogs for royalty and companions for the rest of us, Maltese are elegant, affectionate and playful. Unfortunately, they are prone to over-pampering, which can lead to obsessive barking and snappiness with outsiders.

    David Rogowski, AOL

    West Highland White Terrier

    Who could resist that face? Well, the Obama family should. Here's the challenge of the breed: "Many experienced, as well as inexperienced, dog owners are overwhelmed by the [dogs'] demands."

    Morgan Riehl, AOL


    There are three sizes: standard, miniature and giant. All are considered good family dogs, but with the following caveat: "Like a mischievous and very bright child, they need consistent rules and a firm, but not rough, hand. They will get away with whatever they can and will "rule the roost" before you know it, if allowed."


    Airedale Terrier

    This pup will do wonders for the president-elect's military cred: Airedale Terriers were long considered the world's top war dog. They are obedient, calm and jolly. But they require weekly brushing and combing, which may aggravate Malia's allergies.


    Bichon Frise

    This adorable white powder puff is all a little girl could ask her. BFs are described as gentle, playful and affectionate. What could be bad? How about their notorious separation anxiety when left alone for even a few hours, often resulting in destructive chewing. .

    Getty Images

    Italian Greyhound

    This tiny greyhound thrives indoors and is happiest with its (human) family. That is, unless the family includes rambunctious children. And talk about high maintenance. IGs require daily teeth brushing and need their nails ground down twice weekly.

    Morgan Riehl, AOL

Sasha and Malia wanted to name the First Pooch either Fred or Moose, both of which were nixed by mom. "I'm like, 'No. Come on. Let's work with the names a bit," she said. (Republicans were hoping for the name Tax Cut.)

Also, when the First Lady told the girls that the dog was coming in April, Sasha replied, "April 1st!" Not one to be pinned down to a date, she then informed her 7-year-old that the dog would arrive in "April." During the campaign, the Obamas promised the girls a dog, win or lose.

A Portuguese Water Dog, the breed the First Family has selectedThe family is looking to get a dog from a shelter, which is a great idea but I wonder how easy that will be. It seems like getting a specific breed like this will be tough. Then again, this isn't you or I asking -- it's the Obama family. So maybe it won't be a problem.

Since the Obamas have said that they make the girls do chores, walking and poop scooping will be the responsibility of the First Daughters. (Lots of kids think they want a dog until they actually have to take care of it.)

Not familiar with the breed? Here are some choice details: It's known to be exceptionally loyal, spirited yet obedient and highly intelligent. And obviously, these dogs love the water. There are lots of cute photos online. You can read more about them at the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America's web site.

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