Mother Sentenced for Attacking Sex Offender

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Tammy Gibson will be spending three months behind bars for taking a baseball bat to a sex offender for talking to her then-10-year-old daughter last summer.

Is this Puyallup, WA, mom remorseful or scared? "I'd do it again, if not better," she tells ABC News Seattle affiliate KOMO-TV.

Gibson's older daughter, Rachael Porter, came to her mom's defense saying, "She was protecting her kids like she should have been. They locked her up for way too long."

What would you have done?

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    Mother Beats Sex Offender with a Bat
    Tammy Gibson, a Tacoma, WA, mother beat a sex offender with a baseball bat after she saw him chatting with her young daughter. She was sentenced to three months in jail, but says, "I'd do it again." READ MORE

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Gibson pleaded no contest to assault charges last week against hulking 7-foot-3 William A. Baldwin, a Level-3 sex offender. She could have received as much as eight months in jail.

"I don't care if it hurts me, I don't regret it," says Gibson. "It got him away from my kids and all the other kids in the neighborhood."

Baldwin moved into his uncle's home last June, shortly before county deputies had distributed fliers around the neighborhood to alert residents of his presence.

On June 19, Gibson went to the house in the trailer park looking for Baldwin. When he walked outside, Gibson accused him of molesting her children. She hit him repeatedly and allegedly injured his arm. But here's the twist: Gibson later told police he had not molested her daughter, Renee Maria Perez, saying instead that she recognized Baldwin from the flier as the man who had chatted up Renee last summer.

"For him to be right there, in front of my house and talking to my child -- made me crazy," she says. "I just told him that if it were up to me, I'd kill ya."'

Renee, now 11, was in tears during the sentencing. "He tried to give me fireworks and I wouldn't take it," she says.

Gibson says she hopes the attention created by her case will trigger a change in the laws regarding released sex offenders.

"I would hope that me doing this and going to jail would change something, change some kind of law, change something where people like him can't be standing around little kids?" Gibson says. "It's not right, it's not fair to the kids at all."

Whether this mother should be punished for protecting her child is up for debate. Who wouldn't rage at a sex offender spending time with your young daughter? But Baldwin was accused and attacked (unprovoked) at his home. Living near a sex offender is enough to put any parent on edge, but last checked, vigilantism is still against the law.

Baldwin has since moved from Tacoma to Seattle -- a soon-to-be neighbor to another parent's children.

What do you think -- is Gibson a criminal or righteous mother hen?

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