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melanie mayronPregnancy has some strange side effects, that's for sure. Expecting first time mom, Jane, shares 35 surprising things she's learned about pregnancy ... so far. -- His Boys Can Swim

Pacifier use is one of those parenting topics that tends to separate people into camps. If your child uses one, when and how did you wean her off a pacifier? -- Strollerderby

Gadget of the week: A cake pan that easily adjusts to be any letter or number. Baking birthday cakes has never been so easy. -- LilSugar

Clocks spring forward this coming Sunday, when Daylight Savings Time comes round again. It's a good opportunity for a lesson in time-telling, and these crafts can help. -- Alpha Mom

Actress, inventor, director ... no matter what hat she's wearing at the time, Melanie Mayron's kids still call her Mom. Mommy Track'd spoke with this accomplished mom. Find out what she has to say.

Here's a money-saving solution in a poor economy: Share a sitter with a friend or neighbor. She'll charge more per hour, but probably not double. Plus, it's a built-in play date! -- The Consumerist

Save the date -- July 15, 2011. That's the day Harry Potter's last movie hits theaters. -- People

Lying is a natural part of both parenthood and childhood. Sometimes it's useful, sometimes it's dangerous. The trick is knowing the difference. -- Motherlode

I could never bring myself to put my babies on their bellies (unless they were sleeping on me), but plenty of parents ignore the advice to put babes on their backs to sleep. And when they talk about -- like this discussion at On Parenting -- things often get heated.

Your post-baby body -- love it or refuse to accept it? The moms at Momversation dish about those inevitable changes that pregnancy and birth bring.


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