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babyDiapers are expensive, which is why you should enter LilSugar's giveaway where you could win a full year's worth of Pampers. Pampers will also donate the cost of 50 tetanus vaccines to UNICEF. -- LilSugar

Segregation in schools is on the rise, says a recent report from the Civil Rights Project of the U.C.L.A. When it comes to choosing your child's school, is diversity a factor? Hear what the moms at Momversation have to say.

What happened to care-free summer spent watching the clouds go by? Camp craziness is gearing up. This year kids can spend their summers learning espionage, explosives or even how to become a Hollywood stuntman. -- MomLogic

I'm so grateful for my children's teachers, but as a teacher, I know not every student/teacher match is a good one. Here's how to handle teacher trouble if your child's classroom isn't a good fit. -- Parenting

Feel like everything you say is going in one ear and out the other? You must be a parent. Here are some tips for talking to young children who are determined to do the opposite of whatever it is you're suggesting. -- Divine Caroline

Kids and parents rarely disagree on junk -- whether it's junk food, junk television, junk video games. If you're tired of fighting, then read this commonsense advice on how setting some simple boundaries might just make those battles disappear. -- Babble

Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm introduces her daughter, Scarlett Starr, on her website. What a cutie! -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Here's an alarming sign of the times: 1 in 50 American kids experience homelessness. And experts say those numbers are likely to rise. -- The Motherhood

Remember dating? Well Mom Dating is, in many ways, harder ... especially when you're jugging marriage, family, school, career, and other obligations. How do you make time for mom friends, new and old? -- Work It, Mom!

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