Chris Brown Opts Out Of Kids' Choice Awards

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Chris Brown, who allegedly beat his girlfriend, singer Rihanna, has decided to withdraw his name from the list of nominees for Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards. Here is what Brown's rep told TMZ on Wednesday:

"Chris very much appreciates the support of his fans and the honor they have paid him in the way of nominations for Favorite Male Singer and Favorite Song. Unfortunately, the controversy surrounding the incident last month has shifted the focus from the music to whether he should be allowed to be among those nominated. While Chris would like to speak to his fans directly about this and other issues, pending legal proceedings preclude his doing so at this time. Once the matter before him has been resolved, he intends to do so."

What isn't in that statement is an apology, or any acknowledgement that what he allegedly did was wrong. Not wrong like Alex Rodriguez taking steroids, or Miley Cyrus taking semi-suggestive snapshots with a cell phone. Wrong like hitting a woman until she bleeds and has a black eye.

Nickelodeon, for their part, had taken the non-stance that it was "the kids" that nominated Brown for an award, and if he won, well, hey, "the kids" voted for him. TMZ referred to this strategy as "If Chris Brown Wins, Blame Kids." Which is probably accurate. But this is more important than the Kids' Choice Awards.

When something terrible occurs, it's up to parents to talk to their own children and explain what happened. But kids, of course, have a history of ignoring their parents when it comes to music. Every kid thinks the music their parents listen to is lame, whether that music is Perry Como or Slayer. And going as far back as Elvis, kids tend to tune it out when mom and dad start with the "that music you like is no good!" routine. But Chris Brown isn't shaking his pelvis suggestively on the Ed Sullivan Show. He -- allegedly -- battered his girlfriend, who has now taken him back.

The fact that Brown doesn't appear to be atoning for his actions, combined with Rihanna getting back together with him and not pressing charges, puts parents in a position where they have to contradict the actions of a superstar. I can imagine some of Brown's fans thinking, well, what did he do that was so wrong? She's not pressing charges. Why should we care if she doesn't? This has the potential to be a great teaching moment, but as long as Brown shows no remorse at all, many kids will simply see him as just another musician that mom and dad don't understand.

CNN's Jane Velez-Mitchell says that this incident has a "dangerous message," and she's right. The message for boys is that it's OK to hit your girlfriend, and for girls, that you shouldn't break up with someone just because they gave you a black eye. That's a lot more serious than some dopey awards show.

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