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It's Friday already and time to make plans for the weekend. We're here to help with a list of what's new in kid's entertainment as adapted from reviews and ratings from Common Sense Media.

At the Movies
An update to 1975's Escape to Witch Mountain, Race to Witch Mountain follows two teenage aliens as they try to save the world with the help of a benevolent taxi driver. While there are no depictions of blood or death, the film is an intense, action-packed adventure with lots of shooting, explosions and hand-to-hand combat. Rated PG, OK for Kids 8+

pinocchio dvdA morality tale about the consequences of doing wrong, Disney's digitally restored classic Pinocchio proves to be as relevant today as it was almost 70 years ago. Although a cigar smoking scene illustrates just how much has changed since 1940, the film's message of letting your conscience be your guide is timeless. Rated G, OK for Kids 6+

Classroom pets Linny the guinea pig, Ming-Ming the duckling, and Tuck the turtle demonstrate the importance of teamwork as they fly around the world rescuing animals in distress. With award-winning musical accompaniment, The Wonder Pets take preschoolers along on their adventures to learn about different animals and cultures around the globe. Rated TV-Y, OK for Kids 3+

scatA delinquent child accused of a crime, endangered panthers, corporate greed and an Iraq war battlefield injury are all woven together in Carl Hiaasen's latest offering, Scat. While most of the adults behave themselves, there is some drinking and smoking, mild language and several violent scenes. OK for Kids 10+

The lyrics on Lady GaGa's new single, Poker Face, avoid being explicit, but do contain sexual euphemisms that savvy teens will decode. Kids are sure to enjoy Lady GaGa's signature sound, but parents may take issue with her message that head games are the way to go when trying to win the affection of the opposite sex. OK for Kids 14+


is a battle game with very little actual violence. Instead of weapons, players use humorous and sometimes crude gags to knock out their opponents. Quick reflexes and good rhythm are required to solve the puzzles and complete the quests that will save Zubalon from the evil Big Head and his army. For Nintendo DS. OK for Kids 8+

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